Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas is saved!!

I left my home feeling like Santa. I was really in a hurry, but in good mood,  carrying alot of xmas presents, got some more from my sisters apartement and continued on the trip. Next place to stop by was Sophies place. Thats an old friend of mine and I wanted to give her a small thing for the 24th. She invited me for kanelbulle! cinnamonbun! and then everything was turned upsidedown. To catch the train to Stockholm 19.14, I had to run and wave, and run and wave with my very big suitcase in pile after pile of snow. I couldn´t get hold of any cab and started to panick!!! Then all of a sudden when there was only 10 min left until the train would leave Malmö, An angel suddenly appeared. -Come, he said. -Dont be afraid. I´ve come to drive you to the centralstation. I said: - oo dear! you have very big white wings and you come with very good news. there is nothing else for me now then to obey to your wishes to drive me. 
And so he came to drive me to my train, and now I´m on my way to my love. Christmas is saved!


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