Monday, February 22, 2010

The tale of the Accordian and the forgotten cheese

It was the early morning of the date of today. The band SKILLA and the musicmagican Jonas Siöström were sitting in the car on their way to the yellow, submarine,  house.
We like food. Everyday we talk about food. Especially amanda, the drummer. This morning we were also talking about food, the breakfast. We eat breakfast everyday together in the studio. nice tradition.
anyway, we were getting closer to the studio, the terrein was very rough, it was snowing and blowing, but the talk about food escalated. mmm bread! mm.. coffe, avocado, tomatos, what about egg and mayo togheter with custard and , and and, cheese!
Yes what about the cheese?
it´s forgotten.. it´s at ninas tender mom and dads house.
And so we had to go all the way back again to get the breakfast. Luckily Elin, Jonas and Vanja stayed in the studio and started to work on DRESSED IN SNOW

Now it´s 12.59, and in the speakers: LANTERN


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