Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tragic Song

We´ve got a suggestion from some of you, that we should put out our lyrics on internet. Well let´s do it!
Starting with Tragic Song, from our album "To our mums and dads, brothers and sisters, friends and lovers"

Tragic Song

Text & Musik: Nina Christensen

This is the tragic song, wich is useful in every way.
Put all the darkness in it, so you´ll get rid of it for a better day.
This is the tragic song. The song wich is full of fears.
It only blames the happy ones. It´s written to bring out tears.

Let her in!
Let me out!
Open that door I couldn’t open before.
But now we can sing about it

It starts with a rainy day. It turns everything to blue.
Blue is the ocean but also your own darkest deep too.
It starts with a rainy day. What is true and what is false?
To blame the rainy day or to blame yourself?

Let her in
Let me out
Open that door I couldn’t open before
But now we can sing about it


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