Saturday, May 01, 2010

Summer in December

Summer in December

Text & Musik: Nina Christensen

How nice of you to be true to me, you don´t know us
You´re gambling with your hopes and dreams with someone that you´ve met once
Suddenly I´m in a place I never asked for.
The game you wanted me to play, with none of my rules, goes now “game over”
And I will spread it in the shadows

Don´t you think that this could be the night that you´ll remember?
You want to get close to me a cold night in December?
Of all those summer days and the summer dreams
I´m gonna be the one you´ll never get.
Who shows in your dreams and make them wet

How nice of me if I´ld be free for you, just for this night
And gamble with my hopes and dreams with someone that I met once
Safe at home I´ve got a man I always dreamed of.
He makes your call worthless. There ain´t nothing here for you.
Now “game over”, Now, let´s spread this in the shadows!

Don´t you think that this could be the night that you´ll remember?
You want to get close to me a cold night in December?
Of all those summer days and the summer dreams
I´m gonna be the one you´ll never get.
Who shows in your dreams and make them wet

I look the other way, when you start to change.
Fool me and I will fool you in reverse, revenge!
I look the other way in my heart, but see,
In my eyes there rings a bell that says that you can seek forever,
Cause you will go lost there in the shadows


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