Saturday, June 05, 2010

Reviews, tension, summer

After the release of our new album "Recall Tension" there has been a big discussion out there, about us and our music. What are we playing? what do we want?? Some meen that we´re an orchestra sent from a mental institution, we´re odd, strange, too difficult.. some think that after listening to this,  the next album could go to history as a masterpiece, that we are developing our own style even more on this album. People mean that we are holding back, and some are talking about the music as if it has infectious energy.

I have here collected what we´ve found in media so far. Most of it is in Swedish though, but if you´re interested, try Google translate.

If you´ve found something that we´ve missed please show us! It would be really great to here your opinion about the new album aswell.

nina and skilla


Blogger ediems idioms said...

i like your new album, if its the one have heard maybe you have newer one haha :)

26 July 2011 at 05:03  
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